• International Scientific Committee

  • Texte

    Conference Chair
    • Kristine Lund (CNRS, ENS Lyon, University of Lyon 2, France)
    Conference Co-Chairs
    • Elise Lavoué (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France)
    • Gerald P. Niccolai (CNRS, ENS Lyon, University of Lyon 2, France)
    Program Committee Co-Chairs
    • Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Indiana University, USA)
    • Gahgene Gweon (Seoul National University, South Korea)
    • Michael Baker (CNRS - Telecom Paris-Tech, France)
    Social Media Communications Co-Chairs
    • Bodong Chen (University of Minnesota, USA)
    • Dimitra Tsovaltzi (University of Saarbruken, Germany)
    Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs
    • Yotam Hod (University of Haifa, Israel)
    • Kate Bielaczyc (Clark University, Massachusetts, USA)
    • Heisawn Jeong (Hallym University, South Korea)
    Early Career Co-Chairs
    • Julia Eberle (Bochum University, Germany)
    • Victor Lee (Utah State University, USA)
    • Nancy Law (Hong Kong University)
    Mid-Career Co-Chairs
    • Stephanie Teasley (University of Michigan, USA)  
    • Marcia Linn (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
    • Janet Kolodner (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
    • Susan Goldman (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
    Interactive Tools and Demos Co-Chairs
    • Karim Sehaba (University of Lyon 2, France)
    • Yannis Dimitriadis (University of Valladolid, Spain)
    • Pierre-Antoine Champin (University of Lyon 1, France)

    Workshops and Tutorials Co-Chairs
    • Freydis Vogel (University of Nottingham, UK)
    • Sherice Clarke (University of California at San Diego, USA)
    • Andrew Joyce Gibbons (Durham University, UK)
    • Lenka Schnaubert (University of Duisburg-Essen)
    The French Corner: come and speak with French CSCL researchers!
    • Christine Michel (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon)
    • Jean-François Grassin (University of Lyon 2, France)
    • Bertrand Marne (University of Lyon 2, France)
    Invited symposium on the future of CSCL as inspired by IJCSCL
    • Sten Ludvigsen (University of Oslo, Norway)
    • Alyssa Wise (New York University, NY, USA)
    • Baruch B. Schwarz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
    Invited symposium connecting French speaking researchers to the Learning Sciences
    • Gaëlle Molinari (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
    • Stian Håklev (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
    • Claire Polo (University of Lyon 2, France)
    Advisory Committee
    • Marcela Borge (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
    • Oskar Lindwall (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
    • Paul Kirschner (Open Universiteit Nederland, Heerlen, the Netherlands)
    • Sten Ludvigsen (University of Oslo, Norway)
    • Sadhana Puntambekar (University Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
    Program Committee
    • Richard Alterman, Brandeis Univesrity
    • Francois-Xavier Bernard, University of Paris Descartes
    • Marcela Borge, Pennsylvania State University
    • Eric Bruillard, University of Paris Descartes
    • Murat Cakir, Middle East Technical University
    • Wenli Chen, National Institute of Singapore
    • Sherice Clarke, University of California San Diego
    • Ulrike Cress, University of Tuebingen
    • Cynthia D'Angelo, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    • Crina Damsa, University of Oslo
    • Joshua Danish, Indiana University
    • Erica de Vries, University of Grenobles Alpes
    • Yannis Dimitriadis, University of Valladolid
    • Frank Fischer, University Louis-et-Maximilien of Munich
    • Sebastien George, University of Lemans
    • Kai Hakkarainen, University of Helsinki
    • Yotam Hod, University of Haifa
    • Päivi Häkkinen, University of Jyvskyl
    • Sanna Jarvela, University of Oulu
    • Heisawn Jeong, Hallym University
    • Ingo Kollar, University of Augsburg
    • Victor Lee, Utah State University
    • Kyu Yon Lim, Ewha Womans University
    • Oskar Lindwall, Gšteborg University
    • Chee-Kit Looi, Nanyang Technological University
    • Sten Ludvigsen, InterMedia - University of Oslo
    • Jean-Charles Marty, University of Chambery
    • Emma Mercier, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    • Toshio Mochizuki, Senshu University
    • Anders Morsch, University of Oslo - department of Education
    • Omid Noroozi, University of Wageningen
    • Jun Oshima, Shizuoka University
    • Kylie Peppler, University of California-Irvine
    • Palmyre Pierroux, University of Oslo
    • Joseph Polman, University of Colorado Boulder
    • Sadhana Puntambekar, University of Wisconsin Madison
    • Peter Reimann, University of Sydney
    • Carolyn Rose, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Hajime Shirouzu, National Institute for Educational Policy Research
    • Nancy Songer, Drexel University
    • Gerry Stahl, Drexel University
    • Seng Chee Tan, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
    • Pierre Tchounikine, University of Grenobles Alpes
    • Jan van Aalst, Hong Kong University
    • Freydis Vogel, University of Nottingham
    • Armin Weinberger, Saarland University
    • Alyssa Wise, New York University
    • Jianwei Zhang, University at Albany- State University of New York
    • Nikol Rummel Ruhr-Univesity Bochum, Germany
  • ICAR Laboratory
    (Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representations)
    Ecole Normale Supérieure
    15, parvis René Descartes
    69007 Lyon, France
    Dr. Kristine Lund, Conference Chair
    Dr. Gerald Niccolai, Conference Co-chair
    SCIENTIFIC Organization

    LIRIS Laboratory
    (Computer Science Laboratory of Imagery and Information Systems)

    iaelyon School of Management
    Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 
    1C avenue des Frères Lumière
    CS 78242 - 69372 Lyon Cedex 08 
    Dr. Elise Lavoué, Conference Co-chair

    39 chemin du vieux chêne 
    38240 Meylan
    Tel: +33 825 595 525 (0,15€/min*)
    Information desk: monday to friday from 2pm to 5pm